Struggling to write good content? Worry not, Jasper.AI is here to help! Check out this comprehensive guide on how to write with Jasper.AI for maximum impact

The guide is valid as of the date it was written (09/2022) and may differ from the situation you see on’s website at the moment due to new developments on their part (as they always talk about new developments apparently).
I am one of their strongest supporters and that’s why I also dedicated my time to help all those who got to know the system through me, even though i use an affiliate link, I still love and work with this system over dozens(!) of other AI tools (which even pay more than usual as a sales commission).

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After a long time of producing content for the web, many people have realized that it takes more than just creating content to achieve success. While some opt to designate chunks of time specifically dedicated to writing articles or blogs, others choose instead to outsource work by hiring professional freelancers monthly to manage their digital assets effectively and efficiently.

Smart systems for composing content have started to evolve once AI was introduced into the game as a tool for content creation, and since then, it has only continued to expand.

Don’t know where to begin when you need content? The internet is your best bet! You may create any type of content, from engaging Instagram bios to in-depth marketing messaging, rapidly using a range of online tools. They’ll do all the legwork for you; just let them know your topic or title. Make it simple to produce excellent content using technology! gives content creators and businesses the power to produce high-quality writing at an affordable price with quicker turnarounds than manual text production. Though no substitute for human contact, it is a viable option that allows one to save on time and cost while still creating manuscripts of exceptional quality – when used correctly!

In a matter of months, Jasper has zoomed to the top with Boss Mode – achieving impressive results and unlocking amazing capabilities.

What is actually Boss mode?

In essence, it is how the monthly payment plan is referred to. When you select this plan, you receive all the basic plan has to offer in addition to advanced choices, allowing you to produce outcomes that are both powerful and high-quality. Practically speaking, I prefer to use this application as my all-purpose virtual assistant. Every topic I want will have material, and any questions I ask will get a response. If I request that something be written in sections, this is how it will be done.

Once you understand how to use this tool, the process becomes simpler. At the end of the document you will find templates and shortcuts, which will make your writing process easy and creative.

In order to start creating content, there are quite a few other things that are important to know, which will allow you to utilize and maximize the use of the system. So how do you start?

After you have registered, you will reach your Dashboard. For the purposes of this guide, clicking on the Templates tab on the left will open a list of ready-made templates.

Templates – in this guide we will refer to the use of a template called Documents, intended mainly for writing articles and long texts. There is an interesting variety of templates, which require their own guide each, from a product description for Amazon, titles for a YouTube video to text for Google ads.

Jasper Templaes: How to write with - the complete guide Templates

A new document by Starting from scratch – welcome to your new document. In a very short time, there will be a full article here… before that, it is important to understand a few more things, especially the left part of the screen.

Jasper new document: How to write with - the complete guide
Jasper new document


Crafting the perfect headline is key to gripping your reader from the first sentence. A title can make or break a document, influencing how readers interact with it – so why not craft one that packs enough punch to keep them scrolling? Let’s create something exciting and interesting; an article heading designed specifically for maximum engagement!

Content description / brief

Writing a bold headline isn’t enough. Here, you can go beyond the basic title to give your article 600 characters of clarity and precision – telling readers what it’s really all about!


SEO professionals, take note! If you connect Surfer SEO with Jasper, then lucky for you – the system will weave up to 3 of your chosen keywords into text and optimize it. Don’t worry if Keywords aren’t your strong suit though; leaving this field blank can often be beneficial so there’s no keyword stuffing in sight.

Output length

Get ready to take control of your text-creation destiny! Push the Generate button, and choose how much content you want Boss Mode to whip up for you. Each selection sets a different tempo – do you prefer short bursts or longer passages? Step into the driver’s seat and get started today!

S – Auto-write 20-25 words
M – Auto-write 50-55 words
L – Auto-write 110-115 words

Tone of voice

With the click of a button, you have control over which character’s unique personality shines through your article – whether it be infectious positivity like Joe Rogan or futuristic inspiration from Elon Musk. Carefully select adjectives that best reflect how each figure speaks and guides readers to the finish line with carefully chosen words imbued with their style!

Compose button

With the click of a button, you can unblock writer’s block and get back in your creative flow. Unlock ideas, and start writing again – all with one simple action! Don’t let moments of creative stagnation hold you back: take control now and free up your inspiration for more great content.

Something that does not appear, but is one of the important things that are possible in – Boss mode – commands to write.
As I mentioned, I treat this tool just like a virtual assistant for everything. I could write something like:
“Write an intro paragraph about tips for feeding a puppy on its first days”, and receive an article opening according to what you wrote.

Text writing – basic level

Once you’ve filled out the required fields, click “Generate” and observe as AI-generated text brings your project to life. It’s important to remember that this technology is no substitute for a human writer; be sure to review each document closely before using it in order to avoid any unintended results like superfluous sentences or hybrid texts from different sources that don’t quite fit your content needs.

Text writing – advanced level

If you want to write sharply-crafted and precise texts, you can do so with the help of commands and shortcuts. This system is like having a virtual assistant who knows exactly what needs to be done – every keystroke counts!

For example: right at the beginning of the document, you can ask the system to write an introduction.

Example of a bad request: “Write a brief introduction.”

Example of a better request: “Write a paragraph to introduce your financial practices.”

Example of a great request: “Write a captivating introduction that discusses the most effective techniques to control your own financial habits”.

I hope you have at least begun to understand the capabilities inherent in this system. But that was just a trailer.

Like an opening, you can also request a closing: “Write a positive conclusion for the text provided”.

Want to get your point across concisely and effectively? A few commands or shortcuts can do the trick. But if you want more nuance added – such as tone of voice – it’s best not to go for a half-measure; let simplicity reign! Neat phraseology, smart vocabulary choices, and well-researched references are all worth considering when crafting an engaging article. Just remember: stick with one style per request so everyone involved is on the same page from start to finish.

Writing in SEO Mode (combined with Surfer SEO)

Content professionals looking to get the most out of their work can now use SEO Mode – a powerful tool designed specifically for them. It allows users to raise the ranking of an article by analyzing its words and sentences and comparing them against popular search terms on internet platforms like SurfSEO and Jasper. With just a few clicks, you’ll be able to give your content piece that extra kick it needs!

This section is mainly for SEO people. We will refer here to SEO Mode, which is actually an advanced view of the same document, intended for content professionals who want to raise the article’s score. This improvement is done by analyzing the words written in the article, against the keywords that are on the web, whether it is a single word or a sentence. Here, too, this option is relevant for those who have integrated SurfSEO with Jasper.

With your account connected, unlock the power of SEO Mode with a single click at the top center of any page. Watch as an analysis window opens to reveal insights and act on them for greater content reach!

Unlock your article’s full potential with a detailed breakdown of how to make it even better! Use the scoring system as an indicator of what steps will help you raise its quality and relevancy.

Quality content is at the heart of SEO success – and it all starts with a score. Aim for 40 to get your article off on the right track, but don’t stop there; keep pushing until you hit that high-ranking mark!

jasper & seo-surfer

Grading an article’s relevance and quality can be a complex task. However, the Guidelines tab offers several parameters to help accurately assess the content in relation to its niche and any existing information on the same topic already out there.

Content Score Explained

0 – 33: Poor quality content, indicating irrelevance and partial or missing text.
34 – 66: Reasonable to good quality content, can indicate high content quality but low relevance, or low-quality content with high relevance.
67 – 100: content and relevance at a high and relevant level.

Surfer SEO’s algorithm expertly incorporates a variety of factors to generate a score, allowing us to enhance the quality of our content. This will make it stand out from the rest and bring in more traffic while also optimizing user experience:

  • Use of words and phrases relevant to the topic
  • Headings and subheadings
  • The structure of the content and the titles
  • The length of the content and the number of words
  • Images
  • Original content
  • Full and partial keywords

Analyzing not just the score but other key factors can help you take your content to the next level. Identify areas that need improvement and start crafting better-quality pieces!

  • Number of words: the number of words is determined according to the leading articles and the ones with the highest score (in the picture you can see that there are fewer words than the average, so write more – it will increase the score)
  • Make your content stand out with more words. The higher the word count, the better it scores against similar articles! See how going beyond average can help you achieve greater success in reaching readers.
  • Titles play an essential role in content – like words, their quantity and type make a difference. In order to optimize your writing for leading search engines, be sure to assess the number of titles as well as choose appropriate H1s, H2s, etc throughout your content.
  • Changing the number of paragraphs in a text can be an effective way to make it easier for readers to comprehend. Aim for readable paragraph lengths by breaking up too-long blocks and avoiding breaks every few lines – this helps create a smoother flow that’s more enjoyable as well!

When constructing an article, visuals are essential to increasing the quality of your content. An average of 12-21 photos can help give it a boost; each addition will increase its grade and characterizing each with an alt tag is key for proper performance!

In the lower part of the panel you an find a menu with 3 tabs:

ALL – displays an analysis of the entire text.
Headings – shows the optimal terms that appear/do not appear in the headings of the text. It is important to find a way to edit the titles and incorporate the terms that appear in them, in order to improve the quality and score of the content.
NLP – With careful analysis of the text, we can uncover which words and phrases will effectively give value to existing web content while meeting the user’s needs.

NLP surfer seo

If we found a term that appears in green – it means that this term appears in the text an optimal number of times.
If we found a term that appears in orange – it means that this term appears in the text and there is room to combine it several more times.
If we found a term in red – it means that this term does not appear at all, and must be incorporated into the text.

The more terms appear in orange/green, the overall score of the content will increase, as it contains words and terms that correspond with existing content that is relevant to the reader.

What could affect the score of the article?

  • Repeating H1 headings
  • H1 heading that contains many keywords and burdens the reader
  • Hidden content damages the article’s reputation
  • Using a lot of keywords at the expense of coherence and simplicity of the article. Specifying a lot of keywords in a forced manner may harm the reading experience
  • A long and busy text, without division into paragraphs and without the use of bullet points
  • Content that is full of words but not valuable for the reader.
  • Repetition of sentences in a different way and everything that “spreads” more text but does not really contribute to the reader

Utilizing these sophisticated tools can help us gain clarity on the three main issues at hand.

  • By breaking up the text into headings and paragraphs, we can make reading an effortless journey full of ease.
  • By carefully selecting the ideal keywords and phrases, you will ensure your article is accurately representative of its subject matter.
  • To bring extra meaning and value to the reader’s experience, using images and video can give a new dimension of understanding.

With the help of using these tools, you can produce content quickly, at a relatively low cost in terms of time and money, and with high quality. The wider the use of Boss Mode, the more original and accurate the content will be.

Now that you know the ropes, it’s time to get creative! Jasper is on hand when you need a helping hand – simply command him and watch as he carries out your wishes. With an endless list of commands available at your fingertips, there’s no limit to what this powerful assistant can do for you.

Important keyboard shortcuts:

***: Sometimes the system can generate duplicate text (which was already written at the beginning of the article). To prevent this, you can type 3 consecutive asterisks. In such a situation, the system will not read the text above the asterisks and thus “force” to generate new text. A very effective way to prevent duplication.

Pressing /+ctrl: This command is useful if you want the system to delete the result of the last command and run it again. Did you ask for an answer to a question and didn’t like the answer? Click on these and the system will delete the answer and write a new answer.

Pressing ctrl+enter: pressing these after typing a command into the system, will cause the system to generate text according to the command you typed and overwrite the command itself. So if you asked the system to write an introduction to the article, the system will override the request to write an introduction and generate the text instead. Assuming you want the system to generate text but not overwrite the command you typed, you can press ctrl+shift+enter.

Final important words

After a long time of daily use of the system (while trying several other systems), we can confidently affirm that creating content is now easier and more affordable than ever.

Artificial Intelligence has come a long way, and there’s still much to explore. Before, the time investment seemed daunting– but with proper planning and organization it can be much more manageable. Every piece I produce follows an established pattern – from selecting a headline, devising subtopics to structuring my article in line with commands. With that taken care of all that remains is for me to read on-topic material and write if necessary… then onto the next project!

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