The end of the "first page on Google": how will it affect traffic?
Recently, Google launched in the US the continuous scrolling that currently exists only on mobile, to desktop computers. Why does it matter? And how will the change affect us, website promoters and marketing people?

When most surfers search for a specific query on Google, they do not go to the second page of the results. In fact, less than 5% are reported to make it to the second page, and only 1% make it to the third page.

These percentages are nothing new since forever we can see quite low percentages of people who go to the second page on Google – and this challenge is one of the topics that occupy Google, which is why it chose to launch the “continuous scroll” (Continuous scroll).

As of today, in Israel continuous scrolling exists on mobile – if you search for anything on Google via mobile, you can see the search results spread over a long and continuous scroll, without going to the next page.

Google’s statement about the change

“So starting today, we’re bringing continuous scrolling to desktop so you can continue to see more helpful search results with fewer clicks”

A Google spokesperson as quoted by the news site Search Engine Land.

Google’s response indicates a change for the better for website promoters and an intention to help obtain better results.

To understand the meaning, you have to dive in and understand: in the field of website promotion, it seems as if everyone wants to get to the first page of Google for a certain keyword.

Why? Because after dropping from the first page, the views on the search results drop significantly and also the CTR (percentage of clicks out of the viewers on the search results page) drops significantly.

Google’s new change may produce a change in this situation.

Google brings continuous scroll to desktop search results

Continuous scrolling as a tool to neutralize the meaning of pages

Google’s new change may encourage users searching for keywords related to your site to look beyond the first results and scroll more through additional results.

At the moment, as mentioned, the change is active only in the US, but as soon as it arrives in Israel – it will be possible to see the search results in the best possible way through the Search Console.

The logic behind the expectation of more entries even after multiple results is expressed on two levels:

The users may not notice the difference between the first page and the second (after all, there are no more “pages”) and thus pay less attention to the place of a certain website in the search results.
Scrolling becomes a passive thing instead of an active thing – this is a psychological principle that social networks like Tiktok use. The endless scrolling, without the need for an additional click, increases the chance that he will continue to scroll and search for the appropriate result.
So what do you say, will the continuous scrolling affect the number of visits to your website for the better?

To read the original news on the Search Engine Land website.

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